Little Miss Audrey!

Yes yes, my blog has been a ghost town lately.  I have lots of reasons – but none of them matter except that I just HAD to break my blogging silence with this sweet little girl.  She’s turning FIVE!  And has oh so much personality that made this session oh so fun.

When her momma asked me about a session – I was so excited for a birthday shoot!  And when thinking up ideas I suggested the mini Audrey Hepburn at Market Street – and her momma jumped on the idea!  Found this gorgeous (although a little itchy;))  dress, sunglasses, tiara, the whole bit!  We had a little break in the warm weather to enjoy a fun evening at Market Street.  Thank you for trusting me with your birthday photos sweet girl!


6O5A8765 copy

6O5A8766 copy


6O5A8785 copy

6O5A8788 copy

6O5A8790 copy

6O5A8800 copy

6O5A8823 copy

6O5A8898 copy

6O5A8943 copy

6O5A8946 copy

6O5A8949 copy

And she totally cracked me up when she did this….

6O5A8986 bw copy


Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!

6O5A8988 copyIf you’re interested in having me document YOUR child’s birthday – please contact me through

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February 10 on 10 | The Woodlands, Tx Family Photographer

I’m so excited to jump back in the 10 on 10 blog circle – and especially to get to jump in with this particular session for this special family.  They have a unique story – not only do they have 5 kids but they are facing a very specific struggle that unfortunately too many families with young children have to.  It is their story – so I won’t tell it for them – but you can read a little about them and donate if you feel led to here:

I was so privileged to capture memories for this family and am praying daily that they all get to look back on this time in their lives as a time where God stepped in and healed their dad – and they will look back on these memories fondly –

Seriously – who doesn’t wish they had a photo like this with their daddy?!?

6O5A2057 copy

6O5A1965 copyA little game of red light green light to get everyone in the photo spirit6O5A2053 copy 6O5A1997 copy 6O5A1994 copy 6O5A1953 copy

And the littles just loved playing in the leaves 😉  (Seriously – who doesn’t?!?)

6O5A1922 copy

Yes!  We got everyone in the photo!

6O5A2142 copy 6O5A1943 copyWe really had some gorgeous light 🙂  I say it was God showing up at the session 😉

6O5A2164 copy

Thanks for visiting my blog this month!  Please go check out Vera’s awesome work by clicking HERE to continue the circle.  Until next time – XO!

Four’s their number | The Woodlands, Tx Family Photographer

This sweet family has two girls and two boys all in the tween/teen stage.  They’re amazingly adorable – and their parents have a hilarious sense of humor.  Even with a few raindrops trying to rain on our parade (and some sibling squabbling!) – we got some amazing photos to decorate their home together 🙂

6O5A2381 copy 6O5A2390 copy 6O5A2431 copy

6O5A2455  copy 6O5A2449 copy 6O5A2457 crop copy 6O5A2555 copy 6O5A2571 copy

Until next time – enjoy!

Woodlands Fresh 48 Birth Session | 4th baby girl!

So yes, it’s been forever since I have blogged.   So long that in fact this precious little girl is now 3 months old!!  The craziness of Christmas card season swept me away and I feel I’m just now recovering 🙂

This little girl is such a precious addition to this sweet family.  I can’t imagine having 4 girls… I can’t imagine having that much pink, that many bows, that many hair tangles!   But oh what a joy they are – and I can just fast forward in my mind 23 years and envision the support, love, and encouragement they will have for each other over glasses of wine and girlie movies.  Girls – my prayers for you are that the four of you will conquer the world with love and grace!  And mom and dad- my prayer for you is that you are somehow finding sleep in your house right now 🙂

6O5A3433 blog

10 on 10 {October} – Girls Night Out!

Of all the things I thought about blogging for this month, I decided to just blog a fun night out!  Some friends and I went to enjoy some wine while we trashed (ahem, I mean, painted) some canvasses.  It was so much fun, and in the end I think we all did pretty fab 😉

I had fun editing these differently than my normal style 😉  I hope you like them!  Remember to scroll down to the bottom for a link to the next photographer’s blog.











And since I couldn’t narrow it down to 10, you get a bonus shot this month!


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Time {away} well spent

So any of you that know me personally, know that last Fall you didn’t see me, ever, because I was always flitting off to sessions.  It made my family life hard, and I quickly realized that I had no time to IMPROVE my passion: photography.  This coupled with a little man who decided that waking up every 3 hours was normal, I had to take a major step back.

Starting January, I returned to being a MOM, full time, stay at home, with all the nitty gritty that goes along with that.  I needed sweet tea through an IV some days trying to survive on not having a full night’s sleep for over 6 months at that point.  But I made it, and after some time off I started honing in on what I wanted MY style of photography to be.  During this time I did some fun sessions for friends, I did some birth sessions (LOVE!), and still kept praying for sleep.  I desperately needed this time to grow as a photographer, to be able to do things for fun, and spend time figuring out how I wanted to edit without a client waiting for their images.  To all these people who helped me build my portfolio and let me play with your kids, I can’t thank you enough.

While my business may have suffered financially during this time, I know that I needed it so I could be more consistent in my editing, hand a higher quality image to my clients, and my family desperately needed it.  I also found that I desperately LOVE birth photography, which I really really hope to return to once I have a sitter (or multiple sitters) who can be in an on call position.

So.. what is the point in my jibber jabber?  I’m excited to announce that I am ready to tackle another Fall season!!!  I feel confident in my editing techniques (though always room to grow, as in anything, right?) and confident I can create beautiful images for your family to decorate their home.

With that being said.. I am OPEN for booking fall sessions 🙂  Please contact me at:  for more information!  Love you guys 🙂


10 for 10 – August Edition

Is it really August already?  Is it really just two short weeks (and change) before I have to drop my daughter off at school again?  We have had such a fun summer, that spending some time with Addy in a field with lots of sun seemed like a perfect addition to our summer.  With the help of my friend Pascha, Addy came back saying “I want to go back and take more pictures!”  What?!?  She never says that… normally I have to coerce her with a pretty outfit and pretty shoes to get her out the door, or bribe her with ice cream.  Here was the reward for our time in the sun:

At first it was just telling stories to her bunny (Star according to Addy, Lulubelle according to Mrs. Pascha)


Then we found some dandelions, though they weren’t quite ready to seed the rest of the field.


Then the sun came out to play big time, and just got better as the evening progressed




I might just be a little jealous of her eyelashes…





And of course, I’m training her early 😉


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