Long Break = Awesome Christmas | Woodlands Tx Maternity

I had to wait until after Christmas to share many of my sessions from November and early December.  After sessions were done in December, I needed a nice break to just enjoy being a mom.  I loved it, but I figured I had a moment tonight to share one of my sessions.  I’ll be sharing them off and on over the next week or two, as my kids allow.  I’m typing this right now as I’m hearing ecstatic giggling from the bedroom.  My kids are loving having their daddy home from work.  It’s noisy, the house is a mess, and I wouldn’t have it any other way around here!

These are totally out of order, so I’ll have to go as I am inspired 🙂

One of my dear homegroup ladies is expecting her 3rd baby!  This little girl will be welcomed by an older brother and sister, and will be raised in such a Godly family.  She is so incredibly lucky with how much love she’ll receive throughout her life 🙂  Her mom and dad are uh-may-zing in front of the camera.  And I my shutter must have been tied in to the emotion of this family, because there were some tiny moments that happened for a split second that were captured.  This session has brought about my new “tag line” of “Cherish YOUR memories”.  Love you guys, can’t wait for your new bundle to arrive 🙂

Talk about your perfect shutter timing:

6O5A2204 copy

And here, believe it or not, a straight out of camera image!  Oh my wow…

6O5A2332 copy

Beautiful momma to be 🙂

6O5A2323 copy

And sweet boy, his eyes just capture you, don’t they?

6O5A2219 copy

And one more because I can’t get over her awesomeness 🙂

6O5A2289 copy


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