The Newest Addition

Tonight the world gained a new, precious, little girl.  (Well technically, last night, as it’s currently nearly 3 am.)  I couldn’t wait to blog this little girl’s arrival, and the adrenaline from rushing to the hospital to catch her JUST in time has kept me going.  This was literally a mad dash down the hall while grabbing my camera and checking the settings quickly!  But I got there at the exact perfect moment, and this momma had such an easy delivery 🙂  She was amazing, no epidural, just a supportive mom and husband to welcome a baby girl.

I feel so blessed to have been in the room tonight.  And I’m so glad these moments were captured for them so their family can share these for years.  It’s so late that I have few words, but I think the pictures speak for themselves.  Happy Birthday sweet girl!  Your have been given to an amazing family and I know God has big plans for you!

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