Sweet Baby R turning one! | Woodlands, Tx Child Photographer

I have to admit, before every one year old session I get a little nervous (ok, very nervous!).  Babies before they are mobile are pretty easy to photograph, and once they are 18 months they at least have a cute smile on their face while they’re running away from you.  But…. that time around 12 months where they can get away from you, but are still pretty stoic, is so very very challenging to get a smile!  And while I always seem to get pictures for their proud parents, it really doesn’t help my nerves 😉  I always love coming home to edit though, and see what surprises I get!

This sweet baby’s mother took care of my daughter when she was two at a local preschool.  I was so happy to have the opportunity to bless her with photos of her little girl.  With the help of a fellow photographer, we got some good giggles, laughs, and loved looking at her little tutu which seemed to resemble a turkey when she crawled 😉

6O5A7686 copy 2 6O5A7710 copy 6O5A7717 copy 6O5A7779 copy 6O5A7794 copy 6O5A7816 copy


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