10 on 10 July Edition| The Woodlands Tx Family and Child Photographer

I’m so blessed to be a part of a fun group of ladies who all share the same passion for photography.  We’ll be posting 10 photos on the 10th every month, and linking you through more blogs to see more fab pictures! Make sure to click the link at the bottom of this post for the next blog 🙂   Here were my 10 personal favorites for the month:

Shortly after school got out, we got some precious rain.  I love how kids just want to play in it:

6O5A0090[1] copy

I have no idea what he was doing here, but it makes me laugh 🙂

6O5A0104 copy 3

Yep, everyone told me boys cause more trouble than girls.  I never really believed them, until I had one…. (Yes, that’s marker both on his mouth, PJs, and floor)

6O5A0117[1] copy

Adalyn loves purple, LOVES purple, can ya tell?!?

6O5A0367[1] copy

She also loves our family cat, Fitzgerald.  He has just recently decided to love her back 🙂

6O5A0412 copy

Summertime has meant free time during naptime for Adalyn.  We had fun making glitter slime this month!

6O5A0421 copy

Declan is learning early how to build computers, like his daddy.

6O5A0465[1] copy 2

I had the chance to help a friend learn a little more about her camera this month.  She happens to have an a-mazing room with beautiful light, and a very sweet little girl.  I got this fun shot while I was visiting 🙂

6O5A0514 copy

My month has been full of me dashing to the table to get Declan off before he hurts himself.  But this one time, I snapped a picture before I rescued.

6O5A8171 copy

And of course, we always have daddy snuggles on the weekend mornings 🙂

6O5A9957[1] copy

Please continue seeing fun pictures from Jenne Vazquez Photography HERE


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