Time {away} well spent

So any of you that know me personally, know that last Fall you didn’t see me, ever, because I was always flitting off to sessions.  It made my family life hard, and I quickly realized that I had no time to IMPROVE my passion: photography.  This coupled with a little man who decided that waking up every 3 hours was normal, I had to take a major step back.

Starting January, I returned to being a MOM, full time, stay at home, with all the nitty gritty that goes along with that.  I needed sweet tea through an IV some days trying to survive on not having a full night’s sleep for over 6 months at that point.  But I made it, and after some time off I started honing in on what I wanted MY style of photography to be.  During this time I did some fun sessions for friends, I did some birth sessions (LOVE!), and still kept praying for sleep.  I desperately needed this time to grow as a photographer, to be able to do things for fun, and spend time figuring out how I wanted to edit without a client waiting for their images.  To all these people who helped me build my portfolio and let me play with your kids, I can’t thank you enough.

While my business may have suffered financially during this time, I know that I needed it so I could be more consistent in my editing, hand a higher quality image to my clients, and my family desperately needed it.  I also found that I desperately LOVE birth photography, which I really really hope to return to once I have a sitter (or multiple sitters) who can be in an on call position.

So.. what is the point in my jibber jabber?  I’m excited to announce that I am ready to tackle another Fall season!!!  I feel confident in my editing techniques (though always room to grow, as in anything, right?) and confident I can create beautiful images for your family to decorate their home.

With that being said.. I am OPEN for booking fall sessions 🙂  Please contact me at:  crystalchabannes@gmail.com  for more information!  Love you guys 🙂



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