Woodlands Fresh 48 Birth Session | 4th baby girl!

So yes, it’s been forever since I have blogged.   So long that in fact this precious little girl is now 3 months old!!  The craziness of Christmas card season swept me away and I feel I’m just now recovering 🙂

This little girl is such a precious addition to this sweet family.  I can’t imagine having 4 girls… I can’t imagine having that much pink, that many bows, that many hair tangles!   But oh what a joy they are – and I can just fast forward in my mind 23 years and envision the support, love, and encouragement they will have for each other over glasses of wine and girlie movies.  Girls – my prayers for you are that the four of you will conquer the world with love and grace!  And mom and dad- my prayer for you is that you are somehow finding sleep in your house right now 🙂

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