Little Miss Audrey!

Yes yes, my blog has been a ghost town lately.  I have lots of reasons – but none of them matter except that I just HAD to break my blogging silence with this sweet little girl.  She’s turning FIVE!  And has oh so much personality that made this session oh so fun. When her momma […]

And along comes 3…

I will have to blog more on this later, but for now I can’t resist putting this picture up.  This couple is so amazing, and their baby has no idea yet how good she’s going to have it!

Good Times

Anyone who knows me, knows I really really really (add like 50 more reallys) dislike leaving my kids with anyone besides family .  When I had my daughter 5 years ago, I was starting a career as a teacher and well… I needed someone to care for her!  Her babysitter the first two years of […]